Always Judge Books By Their Covers, or, Check Out This Bear Wearing A BDSM Harness! Books That You Won't Believe Were Published

One of the lessons my fairly priced and invaluable liberal arts education taught me was that books have covers, and that I shouldn’t judge the contents of said books by said covers. But as a writer and editor who made upwards of three value meals off the publishing industry last year alone, I think I’m qualified to do a little judging. And since there weren’t any job openings for judicial positions on Craigslist, I decided to write this article about a stupid (stupid awesome) book cover.
The perfect cover works on multiple levels to sell a book and keep it fresh in the minds of readers. It should probably represent the contents of the book, literally or abstractly, and it should ideally please the author, although that’s not always a requirement. There’s no formula that ends with the perfect cover—something that stands the test of time and burns itself into cultural memory—but the fact stands that a good cover can go a long way towards a book’s success. Which is what makes this particular cover of Spacial Delivery so baffling. Baffling and perfect.

By Justin Bostian
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